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Operation and maintenance services improve quality, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.



Rapid fault response and resolution can be achieved through a systematic first, second, and third-line team.

Track service quality regularly and make necessary repairs post-service delivery.

Cost Reduction

Automated operation and maintenance: Reduce manpower investment and save labour costs.

Conduct cost reduction operations based on cost analysis to ensure efficient resource utilisation.


Constructing an operation and maintenance system involves creating a robust framework, enhancing standardisation, and boosting efficiency.

Analysis of operation and maintenance involves periodic assessments, continuous improvement, and enhancing the efficiency of operations and maintenance work.

  • Support
  • Subscription
  • Execution
  • Services
  • Management
Quick response mechanism
Quick response mechanism

A multi-level support system, including project expert groups, regional expert groups, and headquarters expert groups.

The first and second-level operation and maintenance experts form a regional expert team.

The headquarters expert team consists of headquarters operation and maintenance experts, DBAs, architects, R&D, and testing experts.

Standardized Service Process
Standardized Service Process

Service presentation stage: demonstrate service capabilities and match with customer needs.

Research stage: in-depth research and analysis of customer needs.

Service design stage: Analyze and design matching technical solutions based on customer needs and needs.

Service execution stage: Implement technical solutions and solve customer problems.

Continuous operation stage: Continuously track the implementation effect of technical solutions and continuously optimize them.

Three core competencies
Three core competencies

Professional Operations and Maintenance

Experts have extensive competency certifications, including OCP/CKA/HCIE Cloud Service/HCIE/HCCDP certifications.

The operation and maintenance service consultants have at least 2 practical project cases.

Efficiency and effectiveness

Manpower layout: Operations and maintenance experts cover first tier cities.

Response mechanism: The emergency/response mechanism has been applied in multiple projects.

Give More

First-class research and development capabilities, delivery capabilities, and powerful intelligent research institute empowerment.

Comprehensive coverage of operation and maintenance products+expert service solutions.

Empowering open source products and expert services to enhance architecture stability, such as the research and implementation of chaotic engineering.

Combining cutting-edge research with operations and maintenance, such as the application and maintenance services of AIGC.

Based on SRE industry consensus
Based on SRE industry consensus

Rapid recovery of critical events.

Root cause analysis of difficult faults.

Strengthen the stability of the core system.

Improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

Improve technical standards.

Technical review.


Top-tier overseas credit card institution

High performance infrastructure and security architecture involve

Implementation of architecture smooth migration and cutting

Complete missing items in the insurance audit

Top-tier Stock Exchange

Design of High Availability Architecture for Operation and Maintenance Tool Chain

Implementation and implementation of high availability solutions

Acceptance and problem-solving of highly available toolchain solutions

Top leading Strategic Company

Indicator monitoring scheme and architecture design

Implementation of indicator monitoring plan

Optimization of alarm dispatch strategy

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