Cloudwise Synthetic Monitoring

Availability and Response Time Analysis

Check availability and response time from worldwide locations and multiple ISPs. The statistical data from monitoring nodes help analyze web performance issues.



The snapshots of monitoring nodes record the access data throughout the whole access process. These snapshots help:

· Understand the network status when a failure occurs.
· Identify the failure type and duration.
· Locate the cause and performance bottleneck.
· Determine the impact scope.


MTR Report

If network issues, such as request timeout, server connection failure, request denied, and no data returned, occur during the HTTP/HTTPS or TCP monitoring tasks, the system will perform MTR commands to diagnose these issues. MTR reports that record diagnosis results are provided.


Alert Notification

Summarize messages of failures, system notifications, and alerts, and provide detailed data with historical snapshots.

· Re-checking before alert ensures the accuracy of alerts.
· Resending alerts ensures the alert recipients do not miss alert
· Custom alert thresholds meet the requirements on determining
 alerting policies.
· Summary of historical notifications and drill-down help with quick
 access to related tasks.